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We are professional Pillow type packing machine factory and supplier in China.We can produce Pillow type packing machine according to your requirements. More types of Pillow type packing machine wanted, please contact us right now!
Flow Wrapping Machine
Flow Wrapping Machine (FND-FW1200)
Capability & Characteristic
·Soft-PLC program control
·Servo drive
·SICK photoelectric sensor
·Precise process of latitudinal sealing & longitudinal sealing
·High cutter tool life
·Good accessibility for cleaning & maintenance

Main technical date
Output 1200pcs/min
Power 3.5kw
Packaging material CPP/PET CPP/BOPP
Product shapes Roundness, oval,rectangle, column, squareness, sphericity.
Product types Toffee, hard candy, crisp candy, soft candy, chewing gum, etc.
Weight Approx.770kg
Categories: Candy Packing Machine > Flow Wrapping Machine
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